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Creative Brand Agency

As a Creative brand agency, we observe your brand proposition, positioning, competitor and target audience and create a direction and strategy for your brand campaign, Our works must consider the cultural roots of any project, whether it is an obsession with celebrity, sports, fashion or whatever - has a major impact on the way we view the world and our place in it.

Community Partner

We collaborate with brand community to build a related and rational sponsorship package by observing the objective campaign of any brand.

Content Creator

Compelling a content that are intrinsically interwind a clear, meaningful strategy are the key to creating extraordinary, effective and memorable communication. Stories, artworks should be live with the audience

Every step has been contemplated and every scenario considerated, relationship have been developed and some problem have been avoided, while others have been recognise as opportunity.

Our Work

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    Compelling graphic design solution that are intrinsically intertwined with a clear, meaningful strategy are the key to creating an extraordinary effective and memorable communication.

    Started from hanging out at a local coffee shop and thus begin the story of Squad 11

    The Squad


    Panca Aditya

    Creative Head

    Arief Rahmnan

    Content Planner

    Duha Maliki

    Content Planner

    Bagus Gifari

    SEO/Music Composer


    Graphic Designer

    Faisal Rahman